Who is Project Paradigm?

Project Paradigm, a program of IFYS, had its inception as a youth shelter on the Sunshine Coast over 40 years ago. Much of the focus of its work in the early days was aimed at addressing what was referred to at the time as ‘opportunistic prostitution’. In the early 1990’s the organisation was one of only 5 agencies state-wide funded to provide detached outreach services to young people at risk across the Sunshine Coast region. Today IFYS has a footprint that covers from the Gold Coast in the South to the far North of Queensland.

The organisation delivers a range of specialist support and intervention programmes for children, young people and families. Working in partnership with the corporate sector, governments and other NGO’s IFYS delivers accommodation, child protection, disability, family and youth support services throughout the State of Queensland.

Our Vision

Our vision is a national community that acknowledges, understands and values childhood by committing to the protection of children and young people through collaboration, advocacy and support. Project Paradigm is a national strategy that works to support prevention, early intervention and community capacity building in the effort to ensure children and young people are free from harm through exploitation.

Key Objectives

Support prevention and intervention for young people at risk of or experiencing child exploitation by:
  1. Building the capacity of frontline professionals and communities to be able to identify and respond appropriately to child exploitation through the development and provision of training and resources.
  2. Contributing to the broader community of practice through research and advocacy activities.
  3. Collaborating with stakeholders to achieve best outcomes for children and young people at risk of or experiencing child exploitation.

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